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Smile like Molly

I love my job. For so many reasons, I really love what I do. I get to travel to new locations, seem to always get lucky and have awesome vendor neighbors, meet new people... I love my customers! Most read my signs about my products and they share their struggle with finding relief for eczema, psoriasis, sensitive skin etc.. Then the stories of pain. Pulled muscles, arthritis and more. I recommend a product to sample and am hopeful it will help them.

It was the 4th and final night at Ridgefest. Great music, food, fun and wonderful customers. More stories of skin issues and pain. Then came Molly, beautiful skin, in her 20's, bright eyed with a great smile. She was curious about my Arnica Extreme Cream, for pain. Her first question, does it help with deep pain. I explain it does help deep tissue, but it depends on the type of pain and what the issue is. Then she tells me... She was shot. She was moving her car, finding a parking spot where she lives and was shot. It was a drive by shooting. The bullet entered her side, punctured her lung and exited at the scar on her chest. This was 3, short months ago. She is a walking miracle. Here she stood before me smiling, so radiant. To think the trauma and pain she has been through is beyond me, but she didn't speak of that. She knows how fortunate she is, but was so sad when she heard of the young boy that was also shot in the side by a drive by not long ago and didn't survive. Both were random acts of violence, from a complete stranger, for absolutely no reason. Molly and her story, touched me in a way I had to share. I have no idea if my stuff will help her. I really hope it does.

Every single day is a beautiful gift. No matter what we have been through, or are currently going through. Give thanks every day and smile like Molly.

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